Change JioFi WiFi Password

By default, the password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network is a random combination of words, digits, and symbols combined. However, that password is not easy to memorize and you have to keep that password saved somewhere in order to connect to the network on new devices.

Also, if you have told your password to anyone then there is a chance that others may also get to know about it. Therefore, you should consider changing the password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network.

Changing the JioFi WiFi password is an easy task and after you have successfully changed your password, your network will be even more secure and no one will be able to connect to your network without knowing your password.

You can set a Wi-Fi password between 8-32 characters and it can include alphabets, digits, and special characters. When setting up a new password, always set a password that consists of alphabets, digits, and special characters because such passwords cannot be guessed easily and your Wi-Fi network remains secure and protected.

How To Change JioFi WiFi Password?

To change the password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing that you should do is power on your JioFi Wi-Fi device.
  2. Connect to the JioFi Wi-Fi Network from your device.
  3. Open a web browser and in the URL bar, type http://jiofi.local.html or
  4. A login page will appear. Enter the login username and password. The default username for JioFi routers is “administrator” and the default password is also “administrator”.
  5. Once you’re logged in, go to Network > Wi-Fi Configuration > Secure key.
  6. Now, set the new password for your JioFi router and click on Apply.
  7. The password for your JioFi password will be changed and all previously connected devices will be disconnected from your JioFi Wi-Fi network. You will have to connect to the Wi-Fi network again using the new password.

It is also recommended to change your password every 3-4 months and keep a track if your email or password have been compromised in any data leaks using tools like Mozilla Firefox Monitor or Have I Been Pwned tool.

Don’t use the same password on every site you register it is suggested that you use password managers to keep a track of all the sites and passwords conveniently.