How To Increase Your WiFi Network?

A poor Wi-Fi connection can be very frustrating because you are not able to use the internet even though everything else is fine but not your Wi-Fi network. Everyone to fix this issue and here are some things that can help you to increase your Wi-Fi network:

Router Placement

The first and foremost thing that you should do is place your router at a place where it is able to transmit signals to a greater area. Not every place is good for router placement. The optimal router placement is that you should put your router in a central position in your home and elevated from the ground. In this position, the router will provide maximum coverage.

Also, avoid putting your router near objects which can disrupt the Wi-Fi signals such as metal objects or other electronic/wireless appliances. Other materials such as concrete, wood, plastic, etc can also disrupt the signals but their influence on Wi-Fi signals is less than metal objects and electronic appliances.

Update the firmware of your router

Another reason why you may be having weak Wi-Fi signals is that your router isn’t updated to the latest firmware. Router manufacturers release the firmware updates on a regular basis and you should check for these updates every once in a while and if you found an update then you should update your router.

Outdated router firmware can be the cause of why you are having weak Wi-Fi coverage and not to mention the security bugs that are in the older versions. So, for the optimal performance of your router, you should update your router regularly.

Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies

Using the latest Wi-Fi Technologies can also help in this regard. The newest wireless technology available nowadays is IEEE 802.11ac which provides download and upload speeds much greater than others and also has improved range compared to older WiFi technologies.

Use a Wi-Fi Booster/Extender

Buying a Wi-Fi Booster/Extender might help you in getting good Wi-Fi coverage. These are devices that extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal. They are connected to your original Wi-Fi router like any other device and they take the existing signal from your Wi-Fi and rebroadcast it, increasing the Wi-Fi coverage. You can easily buy a good Wi-Fi Booster/Extender under $50 and boost the Wi-Fi signals of your router.

Buying a new router

If none of the aforementioned things worked, then you are better buying a new Wi-Fi router. New Wi-Fi routers have a lot of improved technology, they can transmit signals to a much greater area as compared to older routers and they can transmit speeds much faster than older routers.